No Shame

by Grooters & Beal

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Most of these songs were born in youth ministry settings, in which we have had the awesome privilege of watching Jesus change the hearts and lives of so many young men and women. It's our hope and prayer that this collection of songs will be an encouragement to you between "mountain top" experiences, where life is more often lived in the valleys and trenches. Keep the faith, live boldly for Christ, and rest on the joy of knowing that as we acknowledge Jesus before others here on earth, He will acknowledge us before His Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:32)


released June 1, 1998

John Grooters
Dwight Beal
Joel Patterson
Dan Patterson
Danny Reyes
Tim Heneveld
Beth Snoop
Darnisha Taylor

© 1998 gb records



all rights reserved


Grooters & Beal Holland, Michigan

Grooters & Beal is the Holland Michigan-based Christian rock band that made ROCK VESPERS a household name. Founded by John Grooters and Dwight Beal, their Christmas music has been heard around the world and can be found on three Christmas CDs: Behold the Savior King, What Child is This? and Rock Vespers Captured. Their eighth album is Thanksgiving Christmas Live, available on November 13, 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Fix My Eyes
There's a dartboard in my basement
Made of twenty separate pies
And each wedge it has a picture
Of an aspect of my life
you can see my work and family
you can see my wrongs and rights
But in the center there's a bullseye
And in the bullseye there is Christ

It's for a purpose that He made me
To be known and used by Him
And when I'm bullseye living
I've got more reason to live
My decisions become clear
There's a focus to my life
but I got to keep my center
And the center must be Christ

I will fix my eyes on Jesus
The author of my faith
Who for the joy set before Him
Took the cross and bore my shame
And He now sits at the right hand
Of the throne of Father God
So I will fix my eyes on Jesus
And He will fix my heart

Run run the race
That's before me in my mind
It's a simple straight and narrow path
But in the darkness hard to find
And it's going to take endurance
Cause it's so easy to fall
it's a marathon of godliness
But the prize is worth it all


Who am I going to be
What am I going to say
is there a purpose for my life
Show me today

Track Name: Smoosh
Jonah was runnin' from the will of the Father
Goin' one way, he should've been goin' another
And he found himself in a raging storm
in the belly of an angry form
Swallowed by the whale and his rebellion

He was sailing through the air
Got a piece of seaweed in his hair
I hope the shoreline breaks his fall
And he will answer God's call
And get out of the smoosh, once and for all

Young girl is running from the will of her father
Goin' one way, she oughta be goin' another
And the night was wild and the hour was late
In her heart she knew she should not stay
She found herself in a whale of a situation


Swirling around
Don't know right from wrong or up from down
Swirling around
God don't let me drown

Are you running from the will of the Father
Goin' one way, you oughta be goin' another
Are you runnin', are you runnin', are you runnin'
from God
Are you runnin', are you runnin', are you runnin'
from God
Are you...

Track Name: No Shame
Young man stands in church to demonstrate
his faith
Confesses Jesus, says that he is saved
But on Friday night he hears the rooster crow
Will he let them know

And there's a mother who says her life's insane
So much pressure, her friends all feel the same
Sometimes they gossip, sometimes they
It's hard for her to say

No shame, no I am not afraid
No shame, of the Gospel or His name
It's the power of God by which we all are saved
We need not be afraid
No shame

Cruisn' down the hall, typical at school
Voices echo, callin' him a fool
What's that Bible, boy, you think that that is cool
Well his lives by different rules


We've got the truth within
We've got to let it shine
We're a city on a hill
And a city cannot hide

We come together to sing and pray
And as one body we offer Him our praise
But when this night is through and we are on
our way
Lord help us to be brave

Track Name: Seek Me
I need the bread of the body
I need the wine of blood
I need the oil on my forehead
I need to fall in Your love

I need my brothers and sisters
I need the children's sweet song
All alone I fall by the wayside
Not alone the family is strong

Seek me, Lord, wherever I wander
Find me through the love of Your Son
Fill me with the Holiest Spirit
Send me with the bride that you love

I need the water of cleansing
I need the Refiner's fire
I need the Spirit's refreshing
So I might tame my sinful desires

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: One Way Out
One way out
You are the door when I'm in doubt
One way out for me
One more time
Searching for You is where I find my
One way out and I'm free

Trapped in a cycle of pleasure and pain
Cornered by lies that promise me gain
Locked in a room of riddles and rain
Help me to explain


I try to escape but a can't get free
Chained by the things that now own me
Searching for answers but I can't find the door
Lonely and ignored

One way out (You are the door you are the gate)
You are the door when I'm in doubt
One way out (You are the truth the life the way)
for me

You are the door You are the gate
You are the truth You are the way
You are the vine You are the bread
You hold the keys to heaven and hell
You are the living water at the living well
You are the light in a darkened world
You are the good shepherd and You're mu Lord

Track Name: Love Carrier
Wo -it's alright, it's alright
Carrier, carrier, if you need a carrier, it's alright
[3 times]
Livin' love, givin' love, Love Carrier

You've got a fist full of fear
and you can't let it go
And your heart says jump
But you just don't know
So you still play the game
but you're tired of the show
It's time to make a move
Don't you need a carrier


He's got a heart full of love
and you can't stop the flow
He's got a dream for the world
That He wants you to know
so take a chance on love
When your heart says go
It's time to make a move
Don't you need a carrier

Track Name: Fill It Up
Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved
a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found, was blind
but now I see

So fill it up
Fill it up, let it overflow
So fill it up
Fill it up, let it overflow
So fill it up
Fill it up, let it overflow
Let it overflow with love

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and
grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear the hour I
first believed


Though many dangers toils and snares I have
already come
"Tis grace that brought me safe thus far and
grace will lead me home


When we've been there ten thousand years
bright shining as the sun
We've no less days to sing God's priase then
when we first begun

Track Name: Hope Of Heaven
Lookin' back at high school it's all such a blur
White cords, rusty cars, lookin' at girls
All my old memories they fade like the blue
In these jeans I'm wearin' what did I do
To grow up so fast, how did I get here
Time flies, overdrive, we're shiftin' through years

Disney says it's the circle of life
But to me it seems more like a linear ride

I need the hope of heaven
Something stable for me to live in
When life has got me runnin' crazy

I need the solid rock of my foundation
All other ground is sinking sand
That solid rock is Jesus, He is my foundation
And it's on that solid rock I stand

Take a look around you nothin stays the same
Some flowers blossom but others turn grey
I'm back on Oak street in the yard where I played
But it's bought and it's sold the grass has been
And my old Mustang with its cheap stereo
it's in the junk yard now, the scrap has been sold
Once I was cruisn' with my loud rock-n-roll
Now I'm a mini van family man with talk radio

I need the hope of heaven
Something stable for me to live in
When life has got me runnin crazy


Lookin backward seems to hurt my head
Oh I can't live there if I'm still being fed
I'm on a journey there's a long way to go
I thank God there's rock in the road

Track Name: Reveal
We are gathered in the name of Jesus
We have found life in this place
We are bringing our lives to the altar
We are seeking only your face

Lord, God reveal Your glory
We lift our lives to You
Lord, show us Your mercy
We bow down and worship only You

Our Father, You are in Your heaven
Praise and glory to your holy name
May Your kingdom come within our lifetimes
May Your perfect will be done today


Give us all the bread we need for this day
And forgive us from our many sins
We forgive those who have sinned against us
Lead us where we will not sin again

Track Name: Ultimate Treasure
What I want is is Volvo
What I need is a ride to work
What I want is a mansion
What I need is a place to hang my shirt
What I want is fillet mignon
What I need is my daily food
What I want is everything
What I need is You

You're my ultimate treasure
All I need is You
You're my heart's true desire
All I need to pursue

What I want is my freedom
What I need is forgiveness from my sin
What I want is power
What I need is contentment from within
What I want is a lover
What I need is friend that is true
What I want is everything
All I need is You


There's gold in them hills
I can hear them cry
All that they knew they left behind
I've found a pearl
Of great price
All that I have I'll sacrifice

Track Name: Feed The Fire
Feed the fire, Lord be my one desire
Fan the flame, in my heart
Light a spark, lead me on through the dark
And feed the fire in my heart